March 31, 2015

Adventures of the lonely Rapunzel aka MCM Birmingham 2015

Note: I try my best to give credit to cosplayers but I don't always catch all their names and Facebook pages. If you know a cosplayer I did not identify or link, please let me know!

I went to the MCM Birmingham convention on 21st of March for 1 day only. Not knowing any cosplayers in the UK, I went alone but I was lucky enough to have the company of wonderful people for most of the time. What a fantastic day trip it was!

I decided to wear my new Rapunzel (Tangled) costume, which I purchased mainly for children's entertainment purposes. (No way I would have the time to tackle such a "monster" of a cosplay!) She is a lovely character, so maybe I would have cosplayed her anyway. I must admit I don't have the best facial features for Rapunzel. Those lucky people who have a heart-shaped face probably fit the bill best. But hey, if I'm enjoying myself and the kids like me, then it doesn't really matter does it? I think it's totally OK, if not desirable to stress less about appearances and focus more on having fun.

Rapunzel had hayfever, so these pocket tissues with her picture on it came in handy

I met up at the convention with the amazing photographer Paul Brennan and we had a small photoshoot which I will publish later on. Check out his work, he is amazing! Also credits to Robert John Parker for being kind and taking a few photos for me!

Furry fellows and Jack Sparrows

Surely enough there were lot of cool cosplays around. The Disney ones were my favourites of course, and I could spot a lot of them thanks to taking part in a Disney cosplay photoshoot. Thanks to everyone who posed in the photos with me! Sailor Moon is obviously my other favourite but unfortunately there was a huge lack of Sailor Moon cosplayers (quite surprisingly, with Crystal running and all.) I did spot 2 of my favourite senshi though, Uranus and Neptune! And I also saw some random cuddly furry fellows. And Jack Sparrows. I'll let the photos talk.

The entire, beautiful Disney group at MCM Birmingham 2015! Photo by Paul Brennan

Poor Flynn, he is getting abused by Rapunzel's doppelgangers! Photo by Paul Brennan
Blonde Rapunzel by Celebrate the Magic Entertainment and short hair Rapunzel by CodeMiu Cosplay.

Ok, let's be nice to him. Photo by Paul Brennan

Double trouble. Photo by Paul Brennan

Catch them Sparrows! Photo by Paul Brennan

Uh-oh... Don't leave Punzie alone with these men!! Photo by Paul Brennan

The magnificient Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Jessica Rabbit

This Tink was adorable!

Loved this Zarina and Alice, and their plushies!!

I loved this original Pocahontas so much. This photo doesn't fully appreciate all the pretty details on her self designed costume. It was lovely and she looked much like the character!

A beautiful winter Belle

My favourite senshi, Uranus and Neptune!

It's-a-me, Mario!

Lego Batman was so cool...

...and so was the real Batman and his friends!

I'm sorry to admit I forgot the name of these cosplays, but they were simply amazing.

This blue furry fellow introduced himself as the Beast. I think he is from Marvel comics. Epic!

And this one is called Chewbacca from Star Wars.
Not knowing whether the furry fellow was a friend or a foe, Rapunzel felt a little intimidated.
But I think he was very soft and cuddly.


A massive exhibition hall and a small tent

The exhibition hall was huge (as you could expect from NEC, a massive complex) but funnily enough the main stage was inside a mere inflatable tent, which seemed minuscule in its capacity for this size of a crowd. This is where the cosplay competitions were held. I was satisfied with watching for a few minutes at the entrance and then stalking the competitors for photos later on, when they emerged after the show was over. The MCM also had autograph signing, a steampunk costume exhibit (which I unfortunately missed) and apparently photos with "glamour models" which just looked like blonde women in skimpy clothes to me, judging by what I saw on the website. Undoubtedly a way to attract men to the con, however not something I appreciated much. If anything I felt embarrased with women with huge tits appearing on the screen of my iPad when I was surfing the con website on the train... Anyway. On to the more interesting stuff.

I'm usually rational enough to keep the strings of my purse tight, however the newly launched Sailor Moon Crystal series has led to an influx of new merchandise which was too tempting. And I even succumbed to a few cute plushie items which were screaming "take me home!!"

A general photo of the exhibition hall

The main stage. Which was inside this inflatable tent.

I saw Cinderella's shoe!

My goodness, Tofu Cute's stand was just too kawaii. Including their merchants.

How can you resist this??  Bought this one...

...and this kawaii usagi-chan...

...and this kawaii Venus-chan...

...and these Moonie keychains which were TO DIE FOR!

When the convention started closing I headed to one of the women's toilets, which had ample space and changed back to my good old normal self. Travelling alone, I didn't really feel like rocking up in a costume on the train! But I had a wonderful day. It felt even more the success when excited kids came up to me for photos and hugs, and a mum told me I was better than the "real thing" at Disneyland!!

Thank you again to everyone who shared the day with me!

March 28, 2015

So what's been going on with me for the past 6 months? - and a fresh new start

Hello? Anyone there? *voice echoing back with no answer*

Ok, if there's no one there, I'll start a monologue. But I'll keep it short, because talking to yourself gets kind of boring.

I haven't been good lately. I haven't updated my blog. But I have good reasons. My life's been under a lot of changes.

Yes, that's right - I moved from Australia back to Finland last year, only to stay there a couple of months. Things didn't work out and it got rather distressing. So, then we moved again, to the UK this time in October last year.

From December on I've lived in Manchester and since then life got back into its tracks. I found a job that I seem to love (note the word "seem". Yes, it is a surprise to me, how much I enjoy this job!) But I got two times lucky, because I also got a weekend job that I love.

I perform as Princess characters at children's birthday parties. I love it so much. It allows me to do so many things that I love.

Although my time is now very limited, I have other ambitions as well. Sharpening up on my ukulele and getting up to speed with my blog being some of these things. Travel and exploring are also still pretty high up on my list.

Blogging, that's right. Still important to me, I've decided. Here I am, in a new country with a new life, so I thought it's about time to give my blog a new life too.

Some changes in my blog, going forward:
  • New layout, obviously
  • Language. I will stick with English only from now on. I'd love to communicate in Finnish to my Finnish audience, but sticking just to one language will keep things simple. And because my audience is increasingly international, English is the logical choice.
  • Content. To save my readers from boredom I'll try to post more (larger) images and less text. But I'll still stick to blogging about things that inspire me and nothing else. Because otherwise blogging would lose the point for me.
  • Continuing on the point above these topics could relate to: cosplay, video games, dolls, anime, manga, crafts, music... basically anything you see in my tag cloud!
  • Post frequency will revert to approximately once per week.

Ok, I think I'm finished with my monologue. But if someone is reading right now on the other side of the screen - yes, you! - don't be cruel! Comment and ask me your questions! And, if by any chance, you are a friend of mine from Finland or Australia. Please know that I miss you dearly. Even though my life may seem rather happy at the moment. It never goes away, I promise.

Next up: MCM Birmingham Con update - my first con in the UK!