July 22, 2015

Tinkerbell's new challenge

Well, that sure went fast. I mean my summer holidays in Finland. Two weeks gone in a flash but I feel refreshed and ready to take on some new challenges! So I've decided to start making charity appearances again. Cosplay for a good cause feels fantastic and I need some new friends in my city. Tinkerbell will be appearing together with a fabulous group of costumers to cheer up some sick kids in Manchester in a few weeks' time! We will be also raising some money so if you would like to donate to our cause & The Ronald McDonald House in Manchester please click here!

I made the Tinkerbell cosplay costume on a rush schedule to debut at Animecon which was held in Kuopio, Finland a couple of weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with it, although I want to add some more volume to the bangs on my wig! If you are interested in seeing how I made the costume, or making your own, be sure to keep an eye out for a tutorial which I will be posting on this blog soon!

Photos taken by Feeniks (who was cosplaying Queen Clarion) & editing by me!

Tinkerbell cosplay
Tinkerbell cosplay costume made by me. Wings by Fairytrade.

Tinkerbell is spreading some pixie dust magic wherever she flies!

I also made this cute bag to go with the costume

Cosplaying Tinkerbell is the best!

I love these wings from Fairytrade!

Tinkerbell is enjoying her day in the Pixie Hollow!

The obligatory mischievous photo

The camera made Tink's dress pastel green, instead of the medium green it is, but it's still a very cute photo I think.

Tink had a fantastic day! Thanks to the photographer Feeniks!

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