April 19, 2015

Disney Magical World 3DS Review

Disney Magical World is one of my favourite games on 3DS these days, and for this reason I thought I would write a quick review. Not a detailed analysis, and maybe a little bit biased (considering I'm a huge Disney fan!), but if that's OK with you, then read on!

Explore a world of Disney and do what you please

In this game, the main character is your Mii, so you can play as yourself. You start in the main plaza and do a short introductory sequence, but don't worry - it's not long and boring. The best part starts soon enough - actual gameplay, where you can choose to do whatever you want. One of your goals is to obtain stickers which unlock new areas and features in the game, and to obtain stickers you get to do a whole lot of fun stuff: complete quests, get new outfits for your character, run your cafe, go fishing, grown plants and so on. You choose what you want to do and when you want to do!

There's a lot to love in this game

I love this game for many reasons. To me, it is like being in a virtual version of Disneyland. The atmosphere is bright and cheerful, and all the characters are very animated and true to the originals. It is a lot of fun to engage with them by going on themed quests or taking photos with them. 

I also love the versatility that the game offers. The quests are great when you're in the mood for simple slaying of monsters, whereas Winnie the Pooh's world offers tranquil activities such as growing your own herbs and flowers, or playing hide and seek with Pooh and his friends. Cinderella's ball offers a fun rhythmic mini-game. And if you're anything like me you'll love going shopping and getting cute outfits for your character! (Yes, you can dress up as a Disney princess or prince!)


What's good
  • A truly magical world!
  • Versatility - a combination of action, role play, simulation and more
  • Getting to choose what to do and in which order
  • Meeting all the favourite Disney characters and exploring their worlds
  • Cute outfits and other customisation options
  • Additional downloadable content
What's bad
  • You do get forced to re-play the same quests which can get boring
  • You have to pay for some downloadable content
  • The game doesn't save the photos you take on to the SD card, so it's difficult to export them to your computer (hence the bad photos on my review!)

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